Alex R.T. Davies – Sculptor

Material and Process has always been the foundation on which Alex Davies has based his work.

Using techniques that are hard to control or leaving time and natural elements to shape and form a sculpture. By doing this, Alex removes the conscious thought process behind making shape and form, making decisions on what is in front of him and the feeling it evokes.

Alex’s day job as a foundryman involves controlling and hiding a lot of the skill and processes involved in making a finished sculpture. As a result, he likes to leave the parts and flaws of the process as part of the sculptures he makes for himself.

Website under constriction – view more of my work on Instagram @alex_r_t_davies

Kingston Sculpture Trail

‘Party Animal’ is currently on display as part of Kingston Sculpture Trail. The bronze goat sculpture stands proudly with a street cone on its back, inviting the viewer to touch and even sit on the piece.

The sculpture with the most votes at the end of the trail will become a permanent addition in the town centre.

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10gram Challenge

The 10gram Challenge was my lockdown project at Milwyn. In partnership with The Royal Society of Sculptors, we invited members and additional artists to take part. The brief was to produce a small scale sculpture from a 10 gram piece of wax. The kit was supplied by post and participants sculpted their piece which was sent to us at the Milwyn foundry to be cast in bronze.

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