The Other Head

An interactive sculpture by Alex R T Davies & Others

Part of the Dni Siano series, made with a forged and welded stainless steel armature and covered with hay.

This sculpture was made especially for The Other Art Fair at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol, 2016. Viewers were invitedĀ to become an Other Artist, by being involved in altering the shape and form of theĀ sculpture.

By picking, cutting and grabbing the hay from the sculpture, any changes made were a direct choice of the viewer and slowly reveal the Stainless Steel armature/sculpture made by Alex R T Davies.

Over 150 visitors to the fair contributed and collaborated to the sculpture, many of which are listed in the credits at the end of this film.

All changes made over the course of the art fair were documented with a time-lapse film and a book of images (the book and information on book will be available soon).