Milwyn & Penguin

In 2008 Alex left Morris Singer Art Foundry to re establish his own foundry Milwyn Casting in Leatherhead, Surrey.

The penguins and other bird sculptures were designed and produced as a foundry product to sell through galleries and fairs.

The inspiration for the penguins came from a working trip to a foundry in South Africa for Alex and his wife Dorothy. We were lucky enough to be given accommodation by the famous Boulders Beach, where hundreds of penguins nest. Observing these animals, it became clear how they seemed to live very much as a community and family… Also the shape and form of them lent itself to being sculpted in a very simple and beautiful way.

It took a good few years of sculpting and refining ideas with Dorothy and Lucy Quinell at the Fire and Iron Gallery. It is a different discipline to my normal sculpting practice, but a very worth while one to work as more of a designer.