About The Dni Siana Series

Dni Siana (Polish, meaning Hay days)

This is a series of sculptures that is constantly evolving through time, different materials, approaches to making and experimenting.

The idea for the Dni Siana series was inspired by a visit to the Tatra Mountains in the south of Poland. These tall thin stacks are a common way in the area of drying hay around a tall basic armature. They can be seen covering large fields with a hundred or more to a small plot of land by the side of the road with 2 or 3. Not one Dni Siana is the same, even when made in a group within feet of each other.

Depending on the time of year created, the different weather conditions, freshness of the hay, how tightly packed the hay is around the armature (to hold them upright), all can affect the outcome in an infinite amount of ways.

Using external conditions to shape the hay I am removing my control over the shape and form these works take, its only the armature I have control over. By documenting and studying these changes I am able to use these to sculpt forms in other more permanent materials.

The Dni Siana series: