Material and Process has always been the foundation on which Alex Davies has based his work.

Using techniques that are hard to control or leaving time and natural elements to shape and form a sculpture. By doing this, Alex removes the conscious thought process behind making shape and form, making decisions on what is in front of him and the feeling it evokes.

Alex’s day job as a foundryman involves controlling and hiding a lot of the skill and processes involved in making a finished sculpture. As a result, he likes to leave the parts and flaws of the process as part of the sculptures he makes for himself.



Since leaving art college, Alex has been involved for the last 20 years in making sculpture and other objects in metal, mostly Bronze and Steel. As well as his own work, he has worked with other artists and designers, from small gallery pieces to over 5 ton bronze monumental work.

Early in Alex’s working life he ran his own blacksmith business (Red Forge), this lead to a partnership with an art foundry. Alex has also been the foundry manager of the Morris Singer Foundry, leaving there in 2008 to set up his own fine art foundry – Milwyn Foundry.

My sculpture has been shown at many galleries and institutions in the uk Recently my work has been displayed and sold at The Fire and Iron Gallery, The Sculpture Park, Summers Place auctions and my own-curated exhibitions at Milwyn Casting. Alex was elected to be a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors (MRBS) in March 2016.



Alex founded Milwyn Foundry in 2001. Since then, it has grown to become one of the leading fine art foundries in the UK.